Word Puzzles

Inside, this 59 page printable pdf E-BOOK you will find 39 word puzzles designed to test your Swedish language skills and to help you learn new words in a fun and different way.

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This collection includes; word searches, crosswords, scrambled words and worduko puzzles. Some of the puzzles are in English - but your answer needs to be in Swedish and the other puzzles are in Swedish - but your answers need to be in English. 

Aimed at new Swedish language learners, the randomly chosen words  are common words that will be useful to know on your Swedish language journey. And, if you get stuck all of the solutions are at the back of the book along with a word reference index.

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How to remember words


Inside this free eBook you will receive:

* 5 Top Tips to help you remember new words

* Links to free websites that can help you further

* Free chart so that you can record the words you want to remember.

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Helping you on your Swedish language journey!