It's time to stop dreaming and start planning your move to Sweden.                          

Moving abroad can be stressful, but you can make it easier by researching and planning before you move.

I know that you will have many questions and you will probably spend hours on the internet trying to find out the answers: "Where do I look to buy a house? Can I even buy a house as a foreigner? What is the cost of living? Where should I look for a job? Should I start my own business? Do they Sweden?".

How do I know this is what you are going through? Well, because it is exactly what I went through myself when I moved here over 3 years ago. Before moving here I travelled to Sweden on many occasions, I spent months on the internet looking for answers, I viewed many houses all over Sweden and I spoke to business advisers, tax advisers, local residents and expats. A lot of the information I found was contradicting, not up to date and actually quite difficult to find, especially as I was not fluent in Swedish.

Thinking of moving to Sweden?

I am sure that your list of questions is huge and you may not know yet if you really want to move to Sweden. Let me help you find the answers to your questions so that you can decide for yourself if Sweden is the place for you, or not.

Perhaps, you have already made the decision to move here and are now in the planning stages. You may have questions about housing, jobs, relocating your pets etc. The list of things you have to do prior to your move will be mounting up as you think of more and more things you need to do. So, let me take away some of the stress by helping you with your research, so that you can spend time with family and friends before you leave.

If you are interested in more information you can request a FREE 20 minute chat with me, via Skype. Alternatively, you are welcome to ask any questions via email. Just use the contact form here.


Important to note:

I do not work for a tourist firm, a holiday company or any other company that promotes Sweden. Therefore, you know that I will only provide you with unbiased information.

I do not think that Sweden is a paradise, or that it is Utopia (although I guess some people may think it is).

I like living in Sweden but I am fully aware that it does have it's problems  - just like all other countries.


Sweden is not the place for everyone - but let's find out if it is the place for you!